Prepping for Off White

When I was asked to do the styling and décor for this year’s Off White show, I was beyond thrilled. Unlike any other wedding show in the St. Louis area, Off White offers a more intimate experience for both the patrons and the vendors – something I am delighted to be part of.

Immediately my head started buzzing with decor ideas and my notebook was filled with chicken scratch & drawings. After meeting with Brea McAnally, the founder of Off White, at this year’s amazing venue, Mad Art Gallery, to discuss some ideas, I had a plan. We decided that I would create a few vignettes to showcase some different ways to add a little vintage flare into your wedding festivities. I’ve always had an affinity for all things vintage (luggage, milk glass vases, typewriters, Depression glass, cameras, mason jars…ok, you get it), but my latest obsession has been with old clocks. Since Brea gave me the “okay” to do, really, whatever I’d like, I decided to “rock my clocks off” and I was off to shop. After conducting my own scavenger hunt throughout the St. Louis area and finding a few hidden treasures in my parent’s basement, it seems that I have all that I need to set the tone for the upcoming show. However, I’m sure a few more pieces will make their way into my collection before the show; I just can’t resist!

off white blog 1.jpg

In addition to the many vintage lovelies that will be sprinkled throughout the venue, I’m working to create some fabric garland for the show. Mainly because I think it’s really pretty, but also because it can be a very useful tool for incorporating color into any event. After learning that Brea and I both share a love for the color teal, I decided the garland would be shades of teal combined with neutrals – ivory, white & gold in particular. After a trip to The Upcycle Exchange for fabric remnants, I came home to start the creative process in my studio – a.k.a. my dining room. If you want to make some garland of your own, grab some good fabric scissors, rope, and many different remnants of fabric. Cut your rope to your desired length, and cut strips of various fabrics about 1-2 inches wide and about 14-18 inches long.

off white blog 2.jpg

Assemble your garland by looping your fabric strips onto the rope. I am a big fan of random, so I didn’t create any sort of pattern. But if you prefer things more uniform, you can start at one end of the rope and alternate between fabrics to create a consistent flow. When finished, it looks something like this. Yay!

off white blog 3.jpg

See you all March 9th & 10th. Can’t wait!