Cindy & Steve | 9.7.13


I first met Cindy at an open house event at Rocking J Ranch  back in April. She was in attendance with her daughter, Kristen, to learn more about the venue she planned to use for her ceremony & reception. I was attending with a different client to check out the space, but was also invited to set up a table to showcase my business. That set-up led to our introduction.

Our initial interaction was brief, but I was able to gauge that Cindy wasn't interested in a big event. In fact, I later learned that she didn't want a wedding at all. However, her daughters insisted. They loved Steve and treasured the love he showed their mom; they were so happy that she found such a wonderful man to share her life with that they insisted on working together to give their mom a special day to cherish forever.

So, a few weeks later I met with Cindy & her planning crew (aka her daughters) over coffee and determined that she wished for a country-chic event. She wanted the space to be feature many rustic details - especially to tie in with the venue. After all, Rocking J Ranch is equipped with a dirt floor barn; Cindy made it clear that she is country and the decor must follow suit. Oh, and my collection of blue Ball mason jars were a must! When it came to the other traditional wedding elements, I learned that they didn't ring of high importance to her. She didn't want a dress; jeans & cowboy boots would do just fine...but don't worry, her daughters stepped in - she could wear her boots, but they insisted she wear a dress during the ceremony.  Instead of a cake, they chose a dessert bar featuring pies, cupcakes, & other treats. When it came to flowers, she wanted it to look like she went into a field and picked a bunch of wildflowers - nothing formal or fancy. So, with notes in hand, I set out to create her vision. I had the best time at the flower market selecting the gorgeous beauties to be used for this event and was wonderfully pleased to learn everyone loved the results!


When Cindy requested that I create her bouquets, I was a little hesitant; I am well aware that I am not a professional florist and I was sure to make that clear to her. However, she reminded me that she didn't want anything formal or fancy, and she trusted that I understood her vision and wouldn't disappoint. So, with rustic/wildflower/country thoughts in mind, I set to create my first bouquets. She was absolutely in love with them - mission accomplished!

Simple arrangements of greenery & sunflowers tied with burlap bows flanked either side of the ceremony space

The entrance to the reception space featured her gift table adorned with a rustic window pane & a few other props.  


A combination of rustic decor, vintage props, and various-sized arrangements of wildflowers were used to create unique looks for each guest table. To add some charm, votive candles were placed under rustic cheese graters providing a delightful twinkle & glow as the lights went down.

The head table at the venue features a massive farm table with bench seating constructed of hay bails covered in a variety of quilts. To complement this look and to accompany its overwhelming size, I chose to create many small vignettes spread across the length of the table.

photo credit - Jheart Photography

This event was truly a family affair. It was filled with so much love, an abundant amount of smiles, and enough joy to last a lifetime. Thank you, Cindy, for allowing me to be part of such a special day. I wish you all the best!

photo credit - Jheart Photography

Special thanks to everyone involved: 

Venue & Catering: Rocking J Ranch 
Photography: Jheart Photography
Styling, Decor & Flowers: Style: Altar'd