My TV debut

This morning I headed over to the Fox 2 studio to do a little promo for my business and the Off White Wedding Show happening this weekend. I had so much fun goofing around with Tim Ezell and the others at the studio - they kept reassuring me saying, "You are going to be just fine," but never having been on camera before, much less LIVE, I found myself suffering from sweaty-palm-oritis.

With a few deep breaths, I was able to calm my nerves and before I knew it we were live. If you want to check out my segment, click here.


I'm so grateful for the opportunity and owe the world to Brea McAnally, founder of Brea Photography and the Off White Wedding Show for setting this up. Not only is she a wonderful business person, she is an amazing human being!

Now back to putting the finishing touches on all my decor ideas for the show. Can't wait to meet all the brides this weekend! If you or someone you know are planning a wedding, you can get your tickets here or at the door the day of the show.